Good Finds

Google has a new Java platform for mobile phones and is offering prizes for people who can bring out cool stuff using it.

A cool source control feature – with pictures

A good discussion on STL design philosophy

If you love technology, you would be amazed to find how much graphics cards have advanced. The technology is hard-core, with crazy things like multiple cards with a communication link in between them. Not just that, these things are fast out-pacing even normal CPU’s. They are extremely multi cored and much faster (not for generic tasks but generally for compute intensive tasks). Nvidia has opened up its graphics card interfaces as a generic parallel computing platform. There are even companies that allow you to write code to scale your application using the GPU processors found in the system & web sites dedicated to harnessing GPU power for general purpose computing


Hard realities about why being in QA really sucks !!

Whats your stand on Maintaining vs creating new software ?

Fun exercise in estimation

Nice article from Joel, about common ways to fail a project