Did you know, (*) that in python you can process files using

for line in file(“FileName.txt”):
# Process line

Well, closeted into my mostly C/C++ world, i did not know, and the above snippet of information made me sit up and take notice. After all, its been quite sometime now that the Python Ruby / Ruby on Rails class of news have been appearing frequently in the feeds that i read.

1. The Past

Very wise people, have mentioned in the past about using tools that help you beat the competition. The post in question, Beating the averages mentioned Lisp, the ellusive language it seemed only some lucky old time elite comp sc curriculums taught. The drift of that excellent article, that you can beat the average folks by using the best tool for the job, was missed by many(errr … meaning mostly stupid me), considering, that Lisp is still somewhat elitist in nature and not widely used. (Perhaps for a reason, which was the excellent point that was made by the very wise person).

2 . The Present

In The Problems of Perl: The Future of Bugzilla, (*2) Max Kanat-Alexander laments that “Nowadays, almost all of our competitors have one advantage: they are not written in Perl”.

The same learning, echoed, from the other side of the fence. How many view points does one need before we learn ? For folks who view programming languages, as only tools (rightly so but yet -), hopefully both the view points considered, might make for some learning.

Ruby / Python / PHP ?
JavaScript / VB.Net ?

* – Information from coding horror post, “size is the enemy”
*2 – Information from coding horror post, “Nobody cares what your code looks like”