Google’s hiring policy as declared here by the director of research. Atypical of Google, this post talks about employee skill levels and graph them like an easy to obtain inventory level in a grocery store.  The declared intention is to keep hiring smarter people than current average + have the company do the hiring instead of letting the program managers make the decision.

While the latter is good and utopic, i feel the former intention of raising the average IQ level is never going to work at all. I mean seriously, the guys who founded goodle might themselves be among the top 5 percentile of the high IQ population. How many more folks do they think they will find?

When i did try to hire just one C++ hand for my previous team in Intel, after tele-interviewing around 250 people and conducting face to face with about 65 people, i managed to find two folks, of whom, one never took the offer and the other turned out to be a known trouble-maker and never got hired.

For lack of sheer talent, this strategy is bound to fail, EVEN in India.

As for the policy of not letting program managers make (hurried)hiring decisions, well thats good. But of-course they have to take care that all the hires they make are not copies of one another. Unless of-course, that is the intent of the whole program.

Rather, i would imagine the real benefit of this policy would be to re-enforce the image of a company raised on research and technical supremacy. It might perhaps reduce (but not correct) the rapid IQ average drop that most growing companies face and might as an added advantage feed the egos (morale ?) of those who have already gotten in. (IMO Geeks do take pride in their work and place of work which are mistakenly (not always) referred to as big egos)

What do you think?