My sweet little sis (yes the same, who wrote a better grep than microsoft), just landed up in the Indian oceans backyard, Australia. Here’s her first impressions about Sydney –

“The climate is a bit tough, though not so hard. Freezing (12 C) all the time. But after all, everything’s just a matter of getting used to, isnt it. So no worries. It’s a very lovely place. When i look out of the window, i can c many trees, which itself is a pleasant site. Birds chirping in the morning, chilling cold and with a nice person to live with 🙂 … im enjoying. When we were out to c the place where Captain Cook landed first in Australia, i saw many families come there for playing rugby in the big nice, neat green ground and families with their children eating nd having fun. The place looks very lively and healthy. Everywhere it’s greenary and trees have started shedding their leaves . So i think it must be autumn next month. “

Beautiful !!