Finally, we have managed to bring to pass one more release of our Network Management tool aimed at small and medium enterprises, Cisco NetManager version 1.1

The major features are

  1. Notification filtering feature that can process large no of events extremely fast and deliver notification to multiple email aliases / smtp servers.  No more event spam anymore and get notified only abut the events you care about / for the devices you need to know about.|
  2. New device support has been added – these are
    • CM 6.1, 7.0
    • CM Business edition 6.1, 7.0
    • Unity Connection 7.0
    • IP Comm 2.1, 3.0
    • CUPC 1.2
    • Cisco Unified Communication 500 aka UC 500 aka 1861 ISR
    • New MCS servers – I2, I3 and H2,H3 MCS server families
  3. Code optimizations – 1.0 could poll about 100 devices using a voice only license, in about 2minutes 20 secs. 1.1 can do the same in about 1 minutes 50 secs, with a combined license that would typically involve about 60-70 extra polling tasks per 100 devices. Some more memory leaks have been plugged too.
  4. Database growth due to log tables and graphed data is being more actively contained and rolled up.
  5. Status of certain components like Fan / temperature and Power supply could have been reported wrongly which is now taken care of.
  6. Auto restart of critical program components upon failure.
  7. Certain device capability discovery and logical view related bugs fixed.
  8. Service status alerting had some bugs which are now fixed.

Evaluation Versions (90 Day) will be soon available in a couple of weeks time.

How to upgrade to NetManager 1.1

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with CCO UserID and Password
  3. Select Ordering on the top navigation bar
  4. Select Ordering Tool
  5. Proceed with the fields required and enter the netManager 1.1 SKU into the ordering tool

if you have issues with orderability or anything else in particular, the quickest way to get response is through CIsco Customer Service.

We are beginning to think about new features for the next versions and are conducting some polls to determine the same. If you are interested and would like to have a feature added, drop a line in the comments.