One of the biggest new addition to the new release of Cisco NetManager is the spanky new notification FILTERING module. What does it have ?


  1. The obvious – You can now create rules to dictate which events you want and for which devices you want them for.

  2. This implementation is real time ie it sends out the event as soon as the polling detects it.(but whne does the polling detect the event? could take a max of 2.5-3 mins on a 100 device 1000 phone system)
  3. Real time means that you can get trap based events intimated at real time (Authentication failures, Call Manager Code Red / Yellow etc)
  4. You have the choice of using a different SMTP server for each rule.
  5. Each rule can have different recipients. So for eg all Call Manager related failures can get alerted to the poor fellow A and all router related warnings get delivered to poor fellow B.
  6. You will not get multiple emails even if you are part of 2 rules that satisfies the same event.


  1. Whenever you get a notification you will be intimated about the rule which caused you to get the email. When faced with a lot many rules and lot many emails you can always find the culprit that caused the tons of emails to be sent out.
  2. You can tweak how much of a load your SMTP server should stand due to high notification loads. You can either allow lots of juice for the notification / ensure your Exchange does not get overwhelmed.
  3. You can configure the timeouts used for the communication between the net-manager and your SMTP server. This allows you to handle slow servers like the ones on the WAN.


  1. The implementation is quite fast. It has surpassed the Notification engine specs required of the next- gen management tool from Cisco stables intended for use with the ISP market.
  2. The implementation costs nothing CPU wise when there are no events
  3. The implementation is extremely efficient in saving DB load. All it does is mark the event as processed whenever an event is sent out. Rest stays loaded in memory.
  4. Each additional recipient does not cause a new mail to be sent out. Everyone is there in the cc’s so that you know who all received the event.  This is also being kind on the SMTP server resource.

New features customers are asking for [add your responses and i shall update them here and take them up later]

  1. Conditional emailing – send emails to mail id 1 during time 9-10 and send mails to another mail id during other times