Finally the much awaited and discussed election is done with and Obama has won. What he can really achieve with the tough situation he has inherited is questionable.

But the one thing he HAS set right just by winning this election alone, is the world opinion about the United States which has taken a terrible beating after the Bush Jr era .

By electing Obama Americans have demonstrated to the world that they are not as callous as everyone believed them to be and that’s a good start. I feel that might go a long way in putting an end to all the terrorist non sense than any guns could have achieved.

First Steps ?

Now if only Obama stepped forward and acknowledge the mistakes his country has made wrt Iraq war and the countless civilians who got massacred in the civil war that it created, it would immediately reduce the terror alerts his country faces.

Not one Muslim or third world citizen would then still fund all those crazy Jihadi types anymore.

Wow, its amazing to think about the things this single person COULD change.

  • No more wars ?
  • Legislation to put an end to proxy wars ? (it is your own money you are fighting in Afghanistan (US -> Pakistan -> Taliban -> Osama)
  • Legislation to put right the credit fueled craziness of the American economy ?
  • Universal insurance and healthcare ?
  • Arms export to un-democratic / civil war torn countries and factions?
  • Consensus on Africa and Middle East?

The world is waiting Mr Obama !!! Show the folks who voted, and those who didnt, what electing a learned un corrupt leader can mean.

I’m sure that would translate into better politics world over !! and give the world politics back a moral leader who can step in and set things right which can never be helped with more guns alone.