Cisco NetManager is a Network Monitoring tool, aimed squarely at vastly improving the user experience of Network Management tasks. For folks used to the eye sore of CUOM and its complicated ways of achieving what it does, this would be a breath of fresh air.

Folks who went to Clarus for want of a better user experience might want to take another look at this tool.

The official CNM page is a bit shy about the features we support, and does not clarify the license we have.  So let me try to present all that out here.


The items indicated in the pink cells below, in the feature chart, are present only if you add a voice license to the base image. The voice license is called Unified Communications.  The base license is termed Ip Infrastructure.

Downloads and Customer Enquiry

The software is not available as a download and can only be ordered on a CD. (877-204-3975 or e-mail). Or drop me a comment on this page below and i will get back to you.


You can click on the individual features to get a more detailed write up and some screen shots. But they are work in progress. So bear with with me until that time.

Automatic Device Discovery (Ip range scan, file import, Device Classification) Collects Inventory of Device Components (25 types – cpu, memory, disk, services, ports, modules, fans, mail boxes, flash files, etc)
Seriously Cool User-Interface (Web portlet based, customizable, embedded charts) Periodic Fault Monitoring (through repeated polling of components and protocols identified during discovery)

Customizable Fault Notification

(specify what kind-of alerts and for which devices)

Physical Node Connectivity Graphs

Real time trending Graphs
(Used to trend resource consumption like CPU, port usage etc)
Trap + Syslog based Fault Monitoring

User creatable custom Monitors via scripts
(e.g. WMI script to monitor a particular registry key in a remote machine)
Tons of reports (performance, problems , grouped reports (eg CPU consumption of all devices in one page) etc
User Customizable Dynamic Device Grouping via SQL(eg. All devices which has location attribute = NY as “Trading-Servers”) 16 types of protocol based monitors
(ping snmp telnet http NNTP etc)
Phone Discovery + Tracking
Out of the Box support for Multiple Device type Families

(Routers Switches Printer Firewalls, Wireless, Web Servers, WorkStations etc)

Monitoring for all types of Cisco Voice Applications

Latest versions of Unity & CallManagers applications & Voice Gateway Routers
Logical Connectivity graphs
Shows connection between CallManagers, Voice Gateways, Unity and Phones

Current limitation = Can support only 100 devices and up to 1000 phones.

ps : I forgot that to mention the product has its own secret trouble-shooting tool (developed indepedently by its developers) that automates the task of debugging an installation. The tool does not exist because the product has many issues.

Rather it exists so that you, the user, will not have to sit through big and many debug sessions with developers and marketers any longer, unlike other enterprisy products ;).