If you knew kids, you would be able to predict how they react when they see another kid being givencandy. They would want it too.

All these financial bail-outs are creating the same situation. I used to wonder what would keep all the companies from asking for help. If I ran a company and saw my competitor being handed out HUGE amounts of cash, i would want a piece of that action too.

Now, auto companies want a bail out. Next i imagine hedge funds and airplanes and everyone else would want a bailout.

There has been solid proofs already reported on the net (immobilienblasen) about how this has already happening. (Picture from same blog)

This really only hurts the overall financial sentiment even more. There should be some detriment in place, or government should enter into some profit sharing agreement, (that cant be fooled) that keeps all these big guys from begging at the governments door.

Wonder what all those wise guys are thinking !!!