1. Ever racked your head over how your devices are connected to each other ?
  2. Ever wondered if the ideas you had in your head still holds after the new guy crossed those cables while you where gone on vacation?
  3. Ever wished you could monitor / administer all the devices you have with a perspective of how your network is organized and connected to each other ?

Cisco NetManager is a network monitoring tool which can help you do this and much more. Here is the flash based dash board that it employs to enable you to manage your devices from a connecitivity orineted view.

ps : This high end patented flash based dynamic view is taken out of its big $$$ CUOM – so you get one thing thats cool in CUOM without the entire CUOM baggage.

NOTE : We are in the process of scaling the CNM tool to handle more devices and more phones and the next version might just have a view thats even more exciting than the current one.