I never knew talks from great guys like Edgar Dijkstra are available on YouTube for free.The video is great and the learning’s, profound.

Watching that video, gives a sense of something more tangible than reading an ad surrounded web page somewhere on the internet. It almost satisfies my hunger born of not having been able to attend and start off in the classes taught by these great humble scientists.

Here is the part 1 of the video – rest can be had from the links on the same page

Excerpts –

Quality correctness & elegance should characterize computer programs

A very new angle on where the idea iterative development come from – as a purely anglo saxon type of practise which uses writing as a form of learning compared to more european idea of putting down something only when it is finished. Perhaps he says this is the reason why word processors are more marketed in English world and has also achieved better success there.

This probably is also the reason i think he belives that we have so many cobbled together prudcts obviosuly not ready to be sold, but neverthlessly done so, purely becuadse they can fool customers into buying it – intrdocued in never ending cycles of version numbers

The programming languages invented to make the task of programming simpler proved to be more demanding to the programmer. The competent programmer is aware of the limited size of his skull and avoids clever tricks like plague.

Elegance he says requires hard work to achieve and a good education to appreciate, but nevertheless things which are elegant seems to be curiously the most efficient and most modular.