Deduct one mark for answers in the nagtive and plus one for the positive ones

  1. Is the forum url is widely published in the product page ?
  2. Is the forum accessible without a password ?
  3. Does the content of the forum get indexed by google such that doing a search of the product name + problem show up past issues on the same lines?
  4. Do all customer interactions add something of value to the forum and act as THE tool for capturing information that never got captured in the requirements gathering / documentation, such that you do might not even require a wiki page apart from the forum and your own documentation ?
  5. Does it take only a single click for the user to start creating a new case and interacting with the forum?
  6. Is the relevant product page a single click away from the home url?
  7. Are the histories of all cases handled so far, easily viewable within a single click?
  8. Are 5,6&7 easily discoverable in the home page? Rather, is the UI intuitive enough?
  9. Is it possible to conduct customer surveys from your support site?
  10. Does your support site have RSS feeds for each topic?
  11. Does the extracts of the content that gets revealed in your forum, regularly get merged into your documentation, for the aid for future customers?

Now what was the score of your support tool?

Here is a working, healthy forum that scores 10 out of 10 in my questionnaire.

Here is another that is definitely below 10 but how much below i cant say, because i cant figure out how to use this site yet. Heck i cant even figure out what the exteranl URL for this site is, though i have been developing on one of our companny’s product for close to two years now. But hopefully someone is reading this so things can change for the better.