I just noticed that the biggest app running in my work laptop,  with respect to memory consumption is FireFox (3.0.4 if you have to know).  It consumes on an average of about 500 MB worth of memory. Even Outlook, comes only a far second. Of-course i have Visual Studio, MSDN and SQL -server et-all installed. But FireFox beats everything hands down when it comes to the frequency which with i use them.

All other applications seem to support the browser, or launch it within themselves. No applications seems to be made these days, without web being their core interface and to that end again browser has become a a single point of access. Even VM’s seems to favour running their clients inside a browser window.  When viewed from this angle, the rationale behind google’s shiny new web browser, chrome, becomes more apparent.

In short, the browser has become a platform of sorts, with the biggest players vying with each other for a piece of the action. What with all the VM efforts and Javascript optimization efforts , bearing fruit, the concept of browser as a platform, and Javascript as the ultimate language might be happening faster than we realize !!!

(note : Javascript is still 10x slower than compiled Java – but the point is, everyone involved seems to be accelerating their efforts to get there faster)