I ‘m the proud owner of a recently gifted iPod touch and i must say that the device has vastly changed the way i learn and get entertained.

I dont wait for TV – I simply download the videos and podcasts i want too see or upload them from the multitudes of recordings that friends pass along. I view them in my convenience, while i’m waiting for my wife to come home / wait for her to finish her chores or if i’m on a bus or waiting for something in general. BBC, National Geo and all tech videos, here i come.

I’m less lazy about education – Since all it now takes is to listen to a couple of podcasts on the way to the grocery store or having a walk in the afternoon, I ‘m now more receptive to the idea of being taught in that free time.  I can also imagine all those countless situations where I’m lazy enough to boot up the laptop or desktop but just receptive enough to switch to another channel if that’s all it takes. My iPod lets me do this as switching content is extremely easy.

All my content is in one place – I have my favorite songs, videos and sometimes pictures in one place. Finally i now have a way of working through all that i had procrastinated for so long and who knows someday it might really come handy having all that in one place.

Even my techno agnostic wife loves it – So what does that matter ? Well if you are married and you love your family and also love technology, it would be all the more enjoyable if your family loved technology too coz then you can have double the fun.

Technology is suddenly more usable – All those applications that can run on the touch interface has suddenly made technology infinitely more usable. The expense calculator that was always available on my computer never got touched coz it was so much of a chore to do so and i could never get my wife interested in learning it. But i suspect iPod might be so much more easier and fun at the same time.

Right now i’m working from home and need some food. I’m more willing to walk to nearest restaurant now thats its no longer boring and in fact is a chance to use my favourite gadget 🙂