Just listened to a podcast from Scoble, interviewing the so called king of tech shows Leo Laparte.  The talk does impart the impression on how content is most important than any glam and glitter and their wow’s about the new media, and some general other information about content sharing.

While they went on about the history of the show, they mentioned how they both have ran into one another a long time back and how Leo has touched based with many folks in the industry and even launched their careers.

This seems to be a theme that i have heard repeating every now and then with Scoble and many others. All these guys who have been in the Valley or manage to be in tech scenery in the States, seems to have run into the others “who matter”, at some time or other.

It really does seem to matter where you are from, for you to get picked up in the flow, noticed and perhaps to also feed you the enthusiasm to do more, and see more groovy stuff done and launch you into new circles that matter perhaps (VC’s anyone?)

Since all that is not here, i might as well keep myself fixated on the idea that the useful tool i will create some day will have to be at least 50% better than it might been necessary, had i been from the Valley.

I hope you realize that too.

Cheers !!