Collaboration might be a weasel word, but i suddenly found how powerful a tool it  can be, by using Google Docs.

Of course Google Docs has been around for some time, but i found out about them anew when i searched an alternative for the paid services of 37Signal‘s BaseCamp software. I was not looking for BaseCamp either, but i stumbled into them through the blog posts they had made about building software and they do have many good blog posts for sure.

The blog was good, which made me interested in checking out what they build, which taught me all about how there are mature solutions that allow multiple distributed people to work on the same thing. It kind of proves how blogs can get you new customers.

If you are into new products, concepts or even existing tools to do the same, it proves how essential blogs and podcasts can be in getting your name across to the early adaptors !!!

Happy Blogging !!