Read this instead for a longer and historic explanation.

Be mystified no longer. Web 2.0 is not a new version of the internet or a new technology or a new standard of the web.

It stands for changes in the way new internet applications are being build. These are



Clock-Ad - animated gif

The current crop of web applications are now way more cooler and more interactive than it was possible using HTML programming. What powers this ? Faster computers, Faster Internet, Faster & Smarter Javascript Engines and Cool Libraries to do these tasks.

ps : Why does Javascript matter? B Cause that’s what runs inside the pages you download from the internet and makes stuff happen inside them. It powers the internet’s display side programming.

Unfortunately I cant add any JavaScript samples to demonstrate interactivity and hence that animated picture on top to convey the idea.


You can now access data from e-bay and match it with Craiglist advertisement and build a new application out of this combination, which shows its results on Google Maps.  You could perform a similar mix and match (aka MASHUP) using data from MANY other web apps that choses to exposes its data or tech on the internet.

Google maps based app

Google maps based app

Social Networking

Think about all the sites like Orkut,Facebook, Linked-In and of-course, of  all the blogs on the net.  This  represents an un-unprecedented level of personal and social information on the net. Most of these sites expose their API’s too. So that you could perhaps pull in your friends from Orkut into your Outlook, IP Phone or even vice-versa.

So what?

So its a possibility for a next wave of cool uses, like the original dot com which produced the ebay and amazon and all those useful sites which nearly everyone use. Like all waves this too will be hyped to be way more than what it really is – a new form of collaborative and more user friendly internet applications.

Heck, even my new project (that’s right – i got moved from my previous project to a new one) sports a web 2.0 tag and my manager is uttering the magic word every now and then to try and spot an oppurtunity to start a new initiative around it. 🙂