My first job was to program Windows GUI objects using MFC architecture. So i do “get” objects and OO terminology.

However i was stumped to read the following explanation, of a .NET Data provider product (aka data source connectivity classes), that can talk to databases and provide integration with the new ORM (Object Relational Mapping) layer, that microsoft has come up with for .NET applications

“It equips Microsoft .NET based applications, development environments, and programming languages with conceptual entity-based access to native and heterogeneous data sources. “

Conceptual Entity

Conceptual Entity

How soon can you say WTF?  I wonder why folks feel compelled to string so many heavy words together, when describing anything related to OO technology, in anything more than a  semi formal  setting. 

 I dont know if an architect / developer or a marketing personnel wrote that statement. In fact i did not find their site by searching on any of the weasel like words found in the description. In fact i searched for more practical stuff that i wanted my software to do, which thankfully was available on the page too.

This weaselization / complexfication of terminology seems to be a given fart to contend with, in the Java world and it makes me sick to see the cancer spreading to maybe the .NET / MSDN world too. Please, would anyone care to provider a linguistic inter mapping layer for conceptual to real word entities in the object oriented technology space?