I was reading the VC++ team blog ten minutes back and took their poll, inputs from which would go to improve the next Visual Studio release.

The interesting question (one of many) from the survey, which prompted me into writing this post is as follows –

How much of your time do you spend on each of the following?

  • Defining the problem
  • Requirements gathering
  • Designing solution
  • Writing code
  • Building code
  • Refactoring code
  • Debugging code
  • Writing tests
  • Testing
  • Deployment Support

The options against each are, (Not at all, some, About 50% and A lot). There can be overlaps. So what would be your answer?

Here is mine –

  1. About 50% time designing the solution
  2. About 50% time writing code (Base code writing time)
  3. About 50% time refactoring it  (I always keep improving the structure)
  4. some time testing it    (I write a lot of functional tests to test my code)
  5. some time debugging (I pride myself in lowest bug counts ever in most teams i ever worked)

What does your distribution look like?

ps : If you are in big corporation, your time spend overall for coding related activities above might be only 30-40% of the overall time you have.  This poll is meant to measure the activity spread within that little amount of time you really get to work with the code.