Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it” – George Satayna

History – I remember reading about how IBM & Microsoft stole the PC software industry from under Microsoft’s nose simply because PC was based on open standards and Apple was not, bringing in the momentum from third party manufacturers onto the IBM platform.

Now – I thought hey why not check out the mobile-app bandwagon and try creating some apps that even my dad / mom can find useful. Only, Apple insists that developers pay then 99$ to register in their developer program, if you are to be able to distribute it through Apple store …..

I would have imagined this is the right moment for Apple to allow developers free access to their platform and allow the current rush to take their platform to new heights akin to the rise of the PC platform in the 80’s.

Me thinks …. apple wants to repeat history. Wonder how google / Nokia is progressing with their Mobile SDK’s…..Pity it is such a chick piece of hardware though, like the Wozniak created Apple / Apple II

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