The long cherished moment of being able to handle a DSLR came to pass recently. Tell you what, it was a big let down !!!

I mean, yes, the camera can go beyond the ranges  of a point and shoot eg Take clear images even at night time without flash, a cool zooming experience using mechanical ring zoom, take wider picures and take couple of shots very fast. And  I knew that underneath the equipment a bigger sensor captured all my images with a higher clarity.

But the pictures werent so magically better at-least when viewed in the preview screen. I guess ultimately the camera is just a tool and the picture really depends on the original scene and the colors in it and the way it has been photographed.  In fact it was hard to use the camera since it did not have a screen which showed what was about to get captured. I really missed the flip out screens from my point and shoot and made it hard for me to capture images from below or over my head

The SLR makes it easier (low light / different lens for different purpose etc) but ultimately the picture has to be defined and refined by the photographer.A humbling lesson for the geeky tool loving programmer that i am.

Neverthless will try to upload a comparison picture from a point and shoot and the slr for the same object to find the actual differences.

ps : I used a 3.5 max aperture lens that comes by standard on the 400D and those out of focus portraits did not come so easily either. Might have to play around with a real low aperture lens to get that. hmmmm

ps : Refined my target SLR to be any SLR that has a Live view feature. I’m no more concerned about having the latest and greatest :). A moderately good SLR with an excellent lens will be more than enough.