I read a lot of blogs (or at least i used to). After neglecting my enthusiastic collection of blog links (157) of THE top most readable material on the web for over an year, i decided it was time to change.

I made 3 folders

  • Check daily – contains max 10 blogs i will check and read new articles from
  • Tech Stuff – Has blogs, tech news and lots of similar stuff
  • Photography stuff

The point is, the only way i could catch up on my reading was if i was not trying to catch up with a lot of things. In short, i was coping with information overload by just ignoring all that information.

So my solution was to arrange stuff so that i could catch up with the ones that mattered. The rest, well i might flip through them on evenings or weekends IF i get around doing that and i would still be better than before, and not ignore it totally.

Where else do we face overload and how do you cope ?

  • email accounts
  • Electronic stuff that you work with/want to buy
  • Health notes from forwards and emails
  • List of things to do / read etc
  • Things to keep track off, and manage at work
  • Education (exams skipped during school coz you would not score anyway?)
  • Weight loss – (So much to do, might as well not try)
  • Social Networking updates ?
  • Cooking ?
  • Stocks and Financial info ?

I wonder if there is any other way to cope with overload, other than just filtering  … outsourcing  ??