It had to happen – organizations are starting to warm up to stable free applications like GIMP. In fact CISCO notice boards (aka active LCD displays) has started asking employees whether they are using the free apps. Once this trend takes hold, we might at last see the uptake FSF hoped to see, in Free (Free as in Free beer) applications and other GNU apps ….

The significance of this move is the implication that companies like CISCO are ready to provide internal support and has made resources available to support free apps like GIMP, or are paying someone else to do this, which basically means the same thing. This is really cool.

The loss of social stigma against uptake of free applications is the most important win here for the software development community as a whole. wow !! I guess we shall now see lots of small startups come up to support the free software and hopefully  this would mean more volunteers to add features and fix issues in free software.

FSF rocks !!!