I remember during the days of Slackware free CD and windows 98 , how me and my friends used to customize the OS installation to make it lean and very fast, on the almost always older hardware we had to run them on. But anytime we had to install or test a new software we had found or someone had shared, it would break the entire install and we had to re-install stuff from scratch.

Even ghosting was not an option those days, since (Well we hadn’t heard of that back then) and the hard disk sizes was changing so often, we had to keep upgrading them every now and then.

Now finally, there is a PERFECT solution for this – create your own OS image or appliance (if you are into selling devices) using free software and cool web applications –

SUSE studio allows you to –

  • choose the packages you want, (automatic dependency pull in)
  • default customizations (locale, users, startup, installation scripts etc)
  • copy your own files into the final system

You can finally create an installable image, of that perfect OS you had always dreamt of. Or at least the one we guys used to dream of.

Watch the web casts  on the home page and dedicated screen cast page. They are really cool. I wish this could be done with windows too and it would be god send for folks who sell computers or sell applications to dumb end customers. wow !!