Yesterday I happened to reverse tab into an old podcast from Scott HanselMan’s archives. In case you are wondering what i just said, the background is that i keep a lot of tabs opened in Firefox at all times.

FireFox has a cool feature which will re-open them for you, the next time it comes up after shutdown.

So all this un-read but un-opened tabs stick around as multiple book marks into different tasks, articles and applications i track. This lets me switch my tasks nilly-willy and save time in very minute increments, when my mood or tasks changes to flit from one topic to another.

But the down side is that at times i keep some tabs opened for so long, that i never get back to these readings until a month or so after i initially found them.

Anyway, coming back to Scott’s podcast –  This  podcast was a talk byRobert C Martin, the famous author and Object Mentor founder, on his advices on design practices. It is a nice talk and you should go over and listen to it even if you consider a master on object oriented design.

The other reason that i flipped out on this podcast was how the first two principles he espoused actually turned out to be lessons i had already learned, from multiple sources and from my own experiences .

I haven’t finished listening to the full podcast yet but here are first two of his (S-O-L-I-D) rules and my corresponding blog posts for the same

  1. Single Responsibility
  2. Closed to change but open to Extension

It feels nice to know when the best minds in the Industry gives some lessons and you find that not only did have you already learned it, but you have chosen to express your learnings in the same order too. 🙂