Who are you?

I’m a 30 something software engineer,  with a history of working entirely on new product development for the past ten years.

What do you do?

I’m basically into computers as a fun toy to play with.  New UI’s, games, game consoles, techno-stuff, digital cameras et all is what I’m interested in. Thankfully play also pays which is fine.

I was hooked on to computers after trying out a smattering of BASIC on the old IBM PC’s during junior high school, riding through QBasic, shell programming, TSR’S,  Pascal and witnessing all those windows rollouts from 3.1 to Vista. Oh and to my discredit, i learned Unix on the SCO. But to my credit i did manage to bring it down. (while(1) {fork()})

Coming from an area with one of worst employment track records has meant that i have had to majorly stick with windows as a primary development platform. (win32, MFC, COM & Raymond Chen).

I do dabble in and out of the Unix world based on the product i work on, but I am yet to convert into a full time Unix guru with a beard and all. I would love to do that and probably might some day.

I  also think of Open source contribution, humanities, especially history, philosophy and sociology and a little anthropology, along with lots of active involvement in digital photography.

What have you created so far?

Professional Stuff in reverse chronological order

Buidling Network Management System (Cisco)
Building system Software Apis (Intel)
Building Multi-platform Server Monitoring agents
Building Real Time Stock Trading Networks
Building Real Time Extensions for Excel
Building Microsoft Project copy-cat alternative